Dear UBC Medical Students, 

My name is Vivian Tsang and I am a second year medical student running to be your next Senator. Welcome to my platform! Small disclaimer - as much as I can write on this page, I think it's always best to listen to and collaborate on ways to solve student issues in person. Don't hesitate to shoot me an email and we can connect.


Just got a minute? Here's a brief overview on some relevant items: 

  • Lifelong Vancouverite; I did all my schooling in BC and went to UBC for Undergrad 

    • Previous committees and councils: adjudication for Major Entrance Scholarships, the Faculty of Science Dean's Academic Council and Science Undergraduate Society, Science Academic Peer Counselling

  • Founder and director of a non-profit organization funded in part by The Clinton Foundation,

    • Currently on a contracted grant with the University's registrar to improve mentorship opportunities for UBC students.

  • Provincial and municipal advocacy

    • Co-chaired the MUS Policy Development Committee at Lobby Day in 2018

    • Advisor for Vancouver’s City Council on education initiatives as part of the Children, Youth, and Families Advisory Committee

    • Co-chair of the Refugee Health Initiative

  • Medical Education

    • Researcher at the Centre for Health Education Scholarship investigating methods to translate student medical knowledge into improved clinical applications

    • Canadian Medical Association Ambassador 

    • Western regional representative for the CFMS in Slovenia on the Standing Committee on Medical Education for the IFMSA

Since I'm already heavily involved in medical education and University affairs, I think Senate would be a great platform for local advocacy!


During my term, I will focus on the Awards, Teaching & Learning, and Student Appeals Committees. In collaboration with the MUS Finance team, I will expedite the approval of medicine-specific bursary and scholarship opportunities and improve transparency on available awards through an update to be included with the Medical Student Research E-bulletin. Keeping in line with my passion for improved medical education reform, I will advocate for improved transparency and communication of examination policies and promotion requirements. This is only a brief overview so read on for more! I'm also always more than happy to chat!

Ready for the elaboration? Here's some more of my platform!


  • In the 2018-2019 Senate Minutes, there are actually quite a few awards that can be relevant to medical students. Did you know about them? No worries, this is what I plan to do: 

    • Improve transparency on newly approved awards and opportunities so students can better prepare their finances!​

    • lntegration of newly approved awards in a "look-out" section in the Medical Student Research E-bulletin

    • Liaise with the VP Donor/Sponsor and AMS Representative on possible funding opportunities 

    • Communicate with the Faculty of Medicine IT team to disseminate knowledge to students

  • Many students have asked me for recommendations for travel and conference funding to which I recommend a variety of UBC-specific applications because there is not enough conference funding specific for our faculty and related interests

    • Advocate for an increase on student conference and travel-specific bursaries 

    • Advise on the redistribution of large one-time awards to bursaries and event-related funds available every quarter

    • Make recommendations to Senate on the MUS creation of scholarships based on Faculty-specific endowment funds 

    • Expedite procedural logistics and reduce restrictions on the transfer of endowment funds into student hands

Teaching and Learning

  • Building off of my experience in medical education, I will advise Senate and its committees on such matters of teaching and learning 

    • Asses current educational practices at UBC specifically for the Faculty of Medicine

    • Bring forth my experience on the IFMSA Standing Committee on Medical Education to discuss possibilities for integration of innovative medical education practices happening around the world ​

    • Make recommendations based on current educational curricula and medical education literature

  • Promote both Senate and University-wide discussion regarding matters of teaching and learning, inclusive of that arising in the research enterprise of the University.

    • Make medical education workshops and conferences more widely available for medical students​

    • University sponsorship for medical education workshops and conferences in partnerships with provincial or federal collaborators such as Doctors of BC and the Canadian Medical Association

Student Appeals Committees

  • The current lack of transparency not only in medicine but across all faculties create immense difficulty for students to understand promotional requirements and when they may suffer from academic probation

    • Increase transparency for students on Faculty-specific and University-specific examination and promotion requirements

    • Create opportunities for student-input especially from students who have been affected by current policies