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Dr. Tsang is a graduate of the University of British Columbia (MD), the University of Toronto (ICD.D), and Harvard University (MPH). She is recognized as a National Schulich Scholar, UBC Major Entrance Scholarship winner, TEDx speaker, and WE Day National Speaker. She is the CEO of The HOPE Initiative, an award-winning Canadian charity, working to improve access to education and employment opportunities for vulnerable youth. 

Dr. Tsang is involved with paediatric patient advocacy as the National Director of KidsCan, a youth research advisory group involving 17 paediatric centres across Canada. KidsCan specializes in providing paediatric researchers with youth opinions on research. She is also on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Childhood Cannabinoid Clinical Trials, one of Canada's largest paediatric studies on the effects of cannabinoid-based products on children and youth. Dr. Tsang is also the Chair of the Board of Qi Integrated Health, a private health company in Vancouver. She conducts psychedelics assisted therapy research as a post-doctoral fellow of Vancouver Island University and the Clinical Research Lead of Naut sa mawt Center for Psychedelic Studies.


In her past, she served on the Board of Directors on the International Children’s Advisory Network -- an advisory group that collaborates with researchers and clinicians in 21 cities around the world to improve paediatric research. Dr. Tsang has also represented the Faculty of Medicine in advocating for improved youth mental health with the Minister of Health in BC. In her previous role on Vancouver City Council's Children, Youth, and Families Advisory Committee, she worked on advocating for improvements to mental health resources for BC youth. In addition, Dr. Tsang represented the Faculty of Medicine on the Senate, the university's highest academic governing body. Along with UBC's registrars and faculty members, She has lead the evaluation of the organization and management of over 60 university-affiliated research institutions and centres. Dr. Tsang also spent time working with the World Health Organization (WHO) in South Africa and Zimbabwe implementing the WHO HealthWISE toolkit as well as at the WHO Headquarters in Geneva in the Special Programme for Tropical Diseases Research.

Dr. Tsang hopes to dedicate her life to improving healthcare accessibility and reducing social inequalities.


An abbreviated curriculum vitae is included below as a downloadable PDF.

If you would like a more recent version than what is provided, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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