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Media and Award Ceremonies


Canadian Medical Association Award for Young Leaders

The Awards for Young Leaders are given out to up to six CMA members each year: two students, two residents and two early-career physicians (five years post-residency).

Recipients have demonstrated exemplary dedication, commitment and leadership in one of the following areas: political, clinical, educational, or research and community service.


Canadian Volunteer Award Emerging Leader for British Columbia

Awarded by the Government of Canada, this award recognizes volunteers and bring national prominence to the contributions individuals, not-for-profit organizations, social enterprises and businesses make to their communities through volunteering. Nominees in this category are volunteers between the ages of 18 and 30 who have demonstrated leadership and helped to build stronger communities.


British Columbia Medal of Good Citizenship 

Winners of this provincial medal is someone who has served their community with the greatest humility without expectation of reward or recognition

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Impact BC Award Scholarship in Health Care Research and Development

This is awarded to an outstanding student enrolled in a UBC Health program who have completed a research or development project focusing on patient/client involvement in health care decision-making or in health professional education.

The awards are made on the recommendation of the Office of UBC Health, and in the case of graduate students, in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.



The Clinton Foundation Fellowship funds social ventures around the world. We are one of eight teams to have been selected from the 2018 Clinton Global Initiative at the University of Chicago.

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This award is granted to an outstanding individual (student, faculty, or staff) who has made a contribution to student development and the university community in honour of Margaret Fulton’s commitment to university access and student learning.

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WE are Canada Portrait Series

Featured on as one of 50 Canadians in the portrait series to speak on the topic of youth empowerment in our country.

Premier Wesbrook Scholarships

Awarded the Thelma Sharp-Cook Scholarship for community engagement and academic achievement. Eligible for third and fourth year undergraduate students and graduate students in the top 10% of faculty.

YWCA Young Women of Distinction Awards 2017

Awarded as a nominee for the 2017 YWCA Women of Distinction Awards. 

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Awarded the Healthy City for All Awards in the youth category for my work with the homeless community in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and the HOPE mentorship project.

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"you"bc Stories Feature

Five Minutes with a Schulich Leader Talk

Discussed the qualities that make up a Schulich Leader

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